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Welcome to ACE - the Administrative Center of Excellence serving CEO Assistants and Administrative Professionals since 2012.

About Us

The Admin Community Advocate

Understand the global perspective on what it takes to be the crusader supporting your organization's admin community; build on what you have; programs that inspire participation. 



Membership dues are annual and include quarterly 3-hour meetings, and a once a year, one-day ACE Summit in which there will be 1-2 speakers and all ACE groups will be invited to attend. In addition, ACE member companies will receive 10% off on any AdminUniverse™ training.

Each ACE group will be capped at 16 members to maintain an intimate setting where it is easy for all attendees to participate in discussions. If members are unable to attend their regularly scheduled meeting, they will have the opportunity to make up that meeting by attending another ACE group's meeting date,

 based on availability.

Members will be responsible for providing meeting space and catering for the meetings. However, with 16 members and quarterly meetings, hosting would only be required every 2 to 3 years.

In addition, ACE groups will be formed by discipline such as for CFO assistants, CHRO assistants, CMO assistants, CIO/CTO assistants, etc. Companies that have 3 or more assistants that are members of these groups will receive a 5% membership discount. 

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a platform for CEO assistants to share and compare best practices; discover how to become leaders and advocates for our administrative teams; discuss challenges of supporting a high-powered CEO; determine how to take the CEO/EA partnership to the next level making the CEO/assistant team as dynamic as possible and in the process enhancing the CEO's productivity. 

One Step Ahead Membership

Give yourself a reason to learn something new; get answers from top-level executive assistants; Stay one step ahead of your executive by understanding what's trending...  Benefits of Joining:

  • Build meaningful business connections
  • Receive diverse perspectives and fresh insights on how to overcome similar challenges CEO assistants face
  • Discover new ideas and concepts that can be implemented immediately either in the office of the 
  • CEO or in the company
  • Benchmark how other companies apply business practices/policies
  • Ability to tap into collective experience to solve daily issues such as vendor referrals, hotel/restaurant recommendations, etc.


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